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Shortage of labor in the EU Companies in the EU countries, 40% reported, it is difficult to find workers with the right skills, Since the economy is narrowing years. One reason for this, that society is gradually aging in the EU. The EU can respond to this in several ways - that is, does that mean that the future is less a problem for companies: reducing the gender gap in the economic sphere. The EU sees most of all, the key to solving migration, such as skills shortages and skills mismatch disorders to overcome the EU OECD report in the next three, complementary formulates recommendations: support for mobility within Europe for a better distribution skills In order to support the non-European backgrounds to better integration of migrants utilization of skills immigrants' skills is important for the European economy in terms of attracting to Europe Support for mobility within Europe, it would be useful, as the employment rate for mobile workers (68%) the national average, higher employment ratio (64,5%). On the other hand, transfers between European regions and labor skills contribute to the efficient use of human resources. The main tool would be the demolition of barriers to mobility, the technical interoperability tools to help strengthen, and support for language learning. 2013-The employment rate of the non-European backgrounds migrants in employment was much lower than the national level, One major disadvantage is the higher education compared to those with. This degree is a waste of human resources, according to the report by the following means prevented: Simplifying the adoption of foreign qualifications

admin, January 29, 2015

Pipe fitter jobs according to the description FEORIn this article we will look at, that Hungarian FEOR (Uniform Classification of Occupations) based on the codes deal as a pipe fitter. The data is taken from the PES to, not complete the job formulations for the time being, but as soon as there are new information, continuously expanded description.

admin, February 8, 2014

Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, that education and environment to learn what kind of person you. Of course, the result has much discussion in professional circles.

admin, December 14, 2013

The South Stream will be built soon South Stream is a proposed pipeline, which would transport Russian natural gas via Bulgaria to Eastern Europe under the Black Sea. The European Union's Nabucco project competitor.

admin, December 6, 2013

CV 50 over year - 10 Useful TipsHas 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply your resume and writing and cover letter in the job search.

admin, November 4, 2013

EFOP: Human Resources Development Operational ProgrammeThis is a document, which generates all the Hungarian education development path for the next eight years. In other words, two government term educational development scope.

admin, November 2, 2013

Want to go abroad for work? Helpful Hints!More and more Hungarian want to Germany, Austria, England, Netherlands to work, which is not surprising, since it is usually three to four times as much work can be similar to the west, education, hours of work experience and earn money.

admin, November 1, 2013

Youth Employment InitiativeThe economic crisis has hit young people: unemployment rate is twice that of adults, 2013 January 23,6% was. Currently in the EU 7,5 million 15-24 year-old belongs to the so-called. NEET category, education that is not, not receive any training nor employment.

admin, October 3, 2013

Quotes about education"In the world, everyone has to believe in, to be able to offer something, without which the world would not get it." Gilbert Keith Chesterton

admin, September 11, 2013

List of accredited courses 2013. September 1The accredited training 2013. changed with effect from 1 September, a 150/2012. Find a list of accredited courses can be started from the date of Government Regulation in Annex, which will be posted in the following tables

admin, September 9, 2013

Labour Market Survey 2013What will I be, when I grow up? Labour Market Trends in 2013 and help career choice ... Employers advertised more positions that require a higher degree, however, the positions of the workers in unskilled sought more 2013 first quarter.

admin, May 8, 2013

European Qualifications FrameworkThe EQF European Qualifications Framework, that the term lifelong learning is intended to serve. The development of the EQF started in 2004, goal was to establish a framework, facilitating the mobility of students and employees with each other in European countries, because the system can help the countries participating in the qualification framework is comparable.

admin, April 16, 2013

Energy awareness training for constructionThe project, according BUSH low level of knowledge about the energy efficient building solutions nationally. Why should this be improved, need to intervene in what areas and how to visualize the solution?

admin, March 22, 2013

NTR changes 2013. SeptemberWe are changing? What courses will be? How much will it cost? How long are the courses will be? What will the exam?

admin, March 21, 2013

Call for Information Mapping Resources, designThings to firm, government or non-profit organization to pay attention? Where to get information? Key funding sources in Hungary. Planning how effective, easy to apply tools exist?

admin, February 10, 2013

Popularity of the Europass documentsThey show the 2011 statistics, that Hungary is the fourth highest in Europe Europass documents in filling. They can help educational institutions and employers to easily interpret degrees from European countries, certificates and qualifications.

admin, December 1, 2012

Job search bloopersA lot of hassle we protect ourselves in the job search, if we learn from others' mistakes. How small mishap occur? Precautions I watch it?

admin, August 24, 2012

EuropassWorking abroad, facilitate learning documents: Europass is a personal package, Europe is united, make it comparable to the skills of individuals, qualifications, language skills, professional experience.

admin, July 2, 2012

NTR changes in 20122012-expected to produce a minimum number of hours in the accredited training. Accredited courses in the general secondary skill they, but there are also post-secondary training, which are in higher education credit points to count towards a specific specialization in training.

admin, May 21, 2012

Blended learning vagy hibrid oktatásThe hybrid or blended learning education is a new teaching method, that combines traditional classroom, education contact hours, distance learning and e-learning, utilizing all three potential.

admin, April 23, 2012

Required qualifications tradingA 21/2010. (In. 14.) Regulation requires NFGM, to which the exercise of industrial and commercial activities in the investigator must have what minimum qualifications. Deadline for qualification of 2011. december 31.

admin, January 12, 2012

Distance Learning GuideDistance learning provides the opportunity to learn the curriculum in a flexible timetabling, which work, full-time learning, In addition to children's education we offer, or in cases, when far away from the place of residence of the education venue.

admin, November 18, 2011

EXCEL 2010 TipsAz Excel 2010 Excel spreadsheet 2007 slightly revamped version. In this article, the értékgörbéket the form and control are reviewed, as in Excel 2010 two novelties in comparison to 2007.

admin, July 4, 2011

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