Labour Market Survey 2013

Among employers is still uncertainty

Hungarian employers uncertain situation in the labor market, see 2013 As regards the front. The national average of 9% of employers are planning a recruitment, 11%-the dismissal.

Regional breakdown of Central Hungary and Northern Great Plains employers are more optimistic, think small recruitment is expected in the next period.

Industry Breakdown

The worst situation of agriculture, what-, forest- and fish farming sector, -13% reduction in the expected employment. Electric current, gas- and specifically in the field of water supply is also a negative prospect (-9%), Furthermore, the construction of (-5%) additional layoffs are expected. In contrast, three industries have additional staff can be expected - the most optimistic about the great- and retail, and financial, insurance, real estate and business services sector employer (+4%).


Skilled or unskilled labor?

Employers increasingly higher, for example, announced in positions requiring engineering degrees, however, the positions of the workers in unskilled sought more 2013 first quarter.

Engineers, eladóból retail and IT experts were looking for the most of the companies, employees and dealers, storekeeper, driving jobs were interested, and many continue to seek a sales representative and assistant positions.
Part-time job more and more people are looking for, doubled in the last quarter of the number. For most of the part-time job ads – Like the other category – the higher degree of, language speaking workers seeking.

Skills shortages and deteriorating position occupations

Aggregated nationally in 2013 is expected to be the biggest increases in other product assembly, the engineer, LAKATOS, and the cutting of electrical equipment- The scope assembly can be the most sought after jobs, the greatest increase in the number of workers.

Other professions is sought:

office administrator locksmith
bus driver welding, flame cutting
mining management shop for sale
Shipping Registry meat-packing
nursing assistant, operating room assistant truck driver
car driver Quality Engineer
electrician Electrical Engineer
building custodian Software Developer
business policy analyst cabinetmaker
energetika accounting clerk
waiter, confectioner, cook
sales clerk

Young people and adults are therefore opting for a new profession is not easy! The query is dynamically changing professions, you can learn more and more professional, provide more varied supply of training institutions within a profession, It is therefore a challenge. You should then read, inquire, the chosen profession, what job, earning potential will be up to Hungary, or abroad.

CAREER, further study can help in the following websites as well:



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