Shortage of labor in the EU

Companies in the EU countries, 40% reported, it is difficult to find workers with the right skills, Since the economy is narrowing years. One reason for this, that society is gradually aging in the EU.

The EU can respond to this in several ways – that is, does that mean that the future is less a problem for companies:

  • reducing the gender gap in the economic sphere
  • the involvement of the young and old working-age population in the labor market
  • Support for migration and mobility is also key to the solution trained.

The EU sees most of all, the key to solving migration, such as skills shortages and skills mismatch disorders to overcome the EU OECD report in the next three, complementary formulates recommendations:

  1. support for intra-European mobility for improved skill distribution
  2. In order to support the non-European backgrounds integration of migrants better utilization of skills
  3. Immigrants important skills for the European economy in terms of attracting to Europe

Support for mobility within Europe, it would be useful, as the employment rate for mobile workers (68%) the national average, higher employment ratio (64,5%). On the other hand, transfers between European regions and labor skills contribute to the efficient use of human resources. The main tool for the dismantling barriers to mobility factors It would be, the technical interoperability tools to help strengthen, and support for language learning.

2013-The employment rate of the non-European backgrounds migrants in employment was much lower than the national level, One major disadvantage is the higher education compared to those with. This degree is a waste of human resources, according to the report by the following means prevented:

  • simplify the adoption of foreign qualifications
  • Making the most effective active labor market programs available to immigrants
  • ensure migrants' skills in language training tailored to the recipient countries
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