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Isometry taking application


Isometric or better known as English isometric. This is called an isometry maker application, iOS-powered devices which can be used (eg. iPhone). And what can be used? Isometric drawings can be made with. Instead of words is much easier, if we look at, how:

This type of representation is suitable for, space to accommodate positioning things easier, interpret. However, because actually 2 dimensions depicted here, some hanky-panky happen:

Izometria trükk

Izometria trükk 2

And then let's some funny or artistic picture effects, which made use of isometrics!

Izometria kocka

izometria virágok

izometria zöld

izometria háromszög

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Pipe fitter jobs according to the description FEOR

Csőszerelő szakma

In this article we will look at, that Hungarian FEOR (Uniform Classification of Occupations) based on the codes deal as a pipe fitter. The data is taken from the PES to, not complete the job formulations for the time being, but as soon as there are new information, continuously expanded description.

  • Piping Plumber (FEOR: 5371)
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Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?

Genetika szerepe a tanulásban

One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, how his education and environment to learn what the person. Of course, the result has much discussion in professional circles.

Robert Plomin professzor, head of a research 250 -page paper detailing their results. Accordingly, research 11 thousand one- and dizygotic, 16 Annual twins study examined the results of. The researchers compared the génállományukon hundred percent of twins sharing the test results with those of their, who have the same ratio 50 percent was. It was found, that some differences 58 percent of the genes responsible for, while the environmental impact only 29 percent were given to. It is also interesting, that seems to have inherited the best qualities scientific for objects displayed (as biológiánál, in physics and the kémiánál), least in the case of human subjects (as with art) –, former, 58, the latter 42 weight percent.

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EFOP: Human Resources Development Operational Programme

Emberi Erőforrás Fejlesztési Operatív Program

This is a document, which generates all the Hungarian education development path for the next eight years. In other words, two government term educational development scope.

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Quotes about education

Oktatás idézet
  • "In the world, everyone has to believe in, to be able to offer something, without which the world would not get it.” Gilbert Keith Chesterton
    (Keywords: creation, self-confidence)
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List of accredited courses 2013. September 1

OKJ bizonyítvány

The accredited training 2013. changed with effect from 1 September, a 150/2012. Find a list of accredited courses can be started from the date of Government Regulation in Annex, which will be posted in the following tables.

The following courses are just some training institute launch (the linked courses) – if there is a corresponding number.

About 1. table lists the qualifications, a 2. Table qualifications section Find.

1. Table: Qualifications

Number of accredited training Name of qualifications / qualifications-ráépülések Period of training outside the school system The course-work order
4-34-543-1 Tire Manufacturer 960-1440 hour N, It, TK
5-55-344-1 Tax Advisor 280-420 hour T, TK
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European Qualifications Framework

Európai Képesítési Keretrendszer

The EQF European Qualifications Framework, that the term lifelong learning is intended to serve. The development of the EQF started in 2004, goal was to establish a framework, facilitating the mobility of students and employees with each other in European countries, because the system can help the countries participating in the qualification framework is comparable.

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Energy awareness training for construction

építőipari képzési hiányosságok

Hungary is still low and the building industry professionals preparedness, knowledge on energy-efficient building solutions. Not familiar with the tools of practice, alapanyagait, conditions, the different disciplines importance of cooperation. This document is found under the Bush project, inter alia,.

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NTR changes 2013. September

OKJ változások 2013

How many accredited training will be?

Approximately halved the number of qualifications available: 1300-About 632 is reduced in number.


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Popularity of the Europass documents


More than 7 000 Europass Mobility set up the National Agency for the past 7 year. This document is filled with the internship abroad, verify field trip or volunteer work for, and a great help for the home location.

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Europass is a personal document package, Europe is united, make it comparable to the skills of individuals, qualifications, language skills, professional experience.

The purpose of, to facilitate mobility within the EU, therefore helps in the recognition of different. This will facilitate access to employment and further education, and Hungary started to study abroad completion.

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NTR changes in 2012

OKJ változások 2012

The accredited training in general

The National List (NTR) Courses in general, intermediate skills they, but there are also post-secondary training, which are in higher education credit points to count towards a specific specialization in training.

Why is prevalent in our country, these types of courses? One reason, that is regulated by legislation (so-called. professional and examination requirements) many training parameters, This somewhat protects the consumer (students), to obtain a standard training. The exam is a highly regulated, organizing institution is entitled to only a few exams. (Here it should be noted, Unfortunately, the tests that sometimes too long and sometimes disproportionately heavy.)

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Blended learning vagy hibrid oktatás

Blended learning hibrid oktatás

A blended learning (As hybrid education) a new teaching method, which combines traditional tantermi, education contact hours and distance learning, utilizing both potential.

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Required qualifications trading

Kereskedelmi képzettség

A 21/2010. (In. 14.) Regulation requires NFGM, to which the exercise of industrial and commercial activities in the investigator must have what minimum qualifications.
Deadline for qualification of 2011. december 31.

The following table legislation to quote.

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Distance Learning Guide


A short distance education:

Distance learning provides the opportunity to learn the curriculum in a flexible timetabling, which work, full-time learning, In addition to children's education we offer, or in cases, when far away from the place of residence of the education venue.

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