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Finnországban eltörlik a tantárgyakat

finn oktatási reform iskola

Új reformot készülnek bevezetni Finnországban: át szeretnének térni a téma-alapú oktatásra a tantárgyak mellőzésével. Finnország egyébként is legendásan teljesít oktatásügyileg, jól szervezett oktatási rendszere van és rendre jól teljesítenek a diákok a nemzetközi kompetenciateszteken.

A mostani reform célja, hogy a diákokat a munkaerőpiacra készítse fel, olyan kompetenciák elsajátítása a cél, amit egy munkahelyen hatékonyan tudnak majd hasznosítani. A módszert egyébként már két éve elkezdték bevezetni, vagyis léteznek már tematikák, például az Európai Unióval foglalkozó kurzus, melynek keretein belül földrajzot, történelmet, közgazdaságtant és nyelveket is tanulnak a diákok. Van másrészt turisztikai-üzleti téma is, ahol matematikát, kommunikációs készségeket is elsajátítanak a tanulók.

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Foreign workers to be targeted NAV


Up to several hundred thousand forints may require working abroad Hungarians and the Hungarian tax authority (NOT), if not addressed properly by the administration.

The working abroad often just cut him to the world and the domestic authorities did not indicate, to accept a job elsewhere soon, lakcímükről and even fewer appear to. But a few months or years from now may require several hundred thousand forints them NAV, if you were not careful enough - warns the Pé The portal was then, before working abroad, we take care of what is needed, do not touch that surprises later.

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European Qualifications Framework

Európai Képesítési Keretrendszer

The EQF European Qualifications Framework, that the term lifelong learning is intended to serve. The development of the EQF started in 2004, goal was to establish a framework, facilitating the mobility of students and employees with each other in European countries, because the system can help the countries participating in the qualification framework is comparable.

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Energy awareness training for construction

építőipari képzési hiányosságok

Hungary is still low and the building industry professionals preparedness, knowledge on energy-efficient building solutions. Not familiar with the tools of practice, alapanyagait, conditions, the different disciplines importance of cooperation. This document is found under the Bush project, inter alia,.

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Shop assistant course

bolti eladó

The shop assistant training can help a lot of new commercial, economic, Marketing can gain knowledge:

- Supplies
- Inventory, supply storage tasks
- Commercial operation of Unit
- Enterprise Foundation, Operation, elimination
- Basic marketing knowledge, sales activities
- Food and knowledge of chemical products, distribution

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Job search bloopers


One-third of the applications submitted to jobs instantly fail a trivia, due to inattention, which with a little care and learning would be very easy to avoid. In addition to the technical content have to pay attention to the look of your resume submitted, a fotóra, the name of the documents.

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Europass is a personal document package, Europe is united, make it comparable to the skills of individuals, qualifications, language skills, professional experience.

The purpose of, to facilitate mobility within the EU, therefore helps in the recognition of different. This will facilitate access to employment and further education, and Hungary started to study abroad completion.

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Distance Learning Guide


A short distance education:

Distance learning provides the opportunity to learn the curriculum in a flexible timetabling, which work, full-time learning, In addition to children's education we offer, or in cases, when far away from the place of residence of the education venue.

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EXCEL 2010 Tips

Űrlapvezérlők az Excel 2010-ben

Az Excel 2010 Excel spreadsheet 2007 slightly revamped version. Does not contain many new features compared to its predecessor, than the previous innovations, when the full menu is gone and replaced by a system called. Ribbon can pick and choose the smaller and larger icons. We find, however, are interesting, eg. the értékgörbéket.

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