Quotes about education

  • "In the world, everyone has to believe in, to be able to offer something, without which the world would not get it.” Gilbert Keith Chesterton
    (Keywords: creation, self-confidence)

  • "Teaching is the noblest expression of optimism.” Collen Wilcox
    (Keywords: teaching, optimism)
  • "Everybody is a genius. Of, if you judge a fish on the basis of, what are the skills that climbing the tree, Believing you can live your whole life, that stupid.” Albert Einstein
    (Keywords: talent, evaluation, Capabilities)
  • "You gave me life, and more importantly, lessons were, how to live. You are the source of all good, what I did in my life. Mami, I thank all that, what you are and what I am. " – David L. Weatherford
    (Keywords: Mother's Day)
  • "What a beautiful, if all the sea, that is waiting for us, is a river for us. "Alessandro Baricco
    (Keywords: amble, knowledge, future)
  • "A good teacher will hand, open your mind and touch your heart. "
  • "The obstacle is the scary thing, then we see that, if we take our eyes off the target. "Henry Ford
    (Keywords: barrier, target)
  • "The recognition of ignorance beginning of wisdom." Laszlo Lorincz
    (Keywords: wisdom, ignorance)
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