England get to work? So write a CV!

If you are applying for England job, not enough to translate the Hungarian CV.

Foreign labor is particularly important, to be appropriate to the specific nature of the country's autobiographical. If this is not observed, then we risk, due to formal reasons in the first round sidelined us. In case of Hungary, the UK competition resume normal number of points should be amended.

Lo 10 rule, the island country to apply successfully:

1. Do not attach your photo to the CV

While at home more expectations, Great Britain is detrimental, if someone attach the photo to your resume – call your attention to Andras Barath resume expert. The reason for this is also, that the UK is much stronger in the Anglo-Saxon countries, manifesting anti-discrimination – he added.

2. Write an introduction

A short introductory chapter on the Hungarian CV more news, but the Anglo-Saxon countries and almost expected favorite things, to begin with a brief resume introductions, that summary – Andrew pointed out Barath.

3. Personal Data: less is more

King Emese, Member of the British Pitman Training learning center network in Budapest it is important to note, in the case of the English resume of personal data is required by reason of the date and place of birth, gender and citizenship. Only the name, address, phone number and e-mail address is necessary to give, also because of the equality.

You do not necessarily need to enter the Interests, hobbit sem, because it is not relevant to them – highlighted the expert. At the end of the document is not required date, than in Hungary – King said Emese.

4. Do not call the reference

In case of application of the UK reference (Sample) no need to write in the autobiographical, it is enough to select, if requested, we can give you contact information.

5. Write each number 3. person

Andras Barath resume expert, although may seem strange at first hearing, CV in English to write in the singular 3. person, without the personal pronoun. Out because it is a habit, it will look like an expert (for example: – lead a team of five, – executed a successful system intergation, – achieved a 97% satisfaction rate).

6. Let us fall into concrete results

The presentation of practical work experience to show concrete results in addition to the tasks previously performed, which must be applied for in addition to fit the job profile, expectations – Andrew stressed Barath.

7. Let the sleek design

The CV expert, perhaps more importantly out the easy to read, well-structured mechanism: headings in larger point font, bullet-point lists, each chapter divider horizontal lines. For the English are much more demanding.

8. Turn the English name of the position

Position descriptions should be written so, to make it understandable for outsiders. Do not use a mirror translation, but I find the terminology, which covers most of the outdoor practice of the previous munkaköreinket – Andrew suggests Barath.

Worth the previous jobs to show up to two lines, it is not certain, to get out there know a specific company, and if you are familiar with, some details (number, Turnover, market situation, etc.) should demonstrate the company's dimensions – he added.

9. Enter English mobile phone

Elegance, but reduce the potential resistance to foreigners, so far from home applying for, then an English mobile number could reach us. It is enough to just buy an English acquaintance or through a prepaid card, what we do at home into an unlocked mobile traffic – Andras Barath resume expert advises.

10. Ask for an official translation

If we attach official documents can be pályázatunkhoz, diploma, degree or certificate, necessarily seek authentic translation office. The law prescribes that a certified translation of foreign-language instrument to Hungary, only the National Translation and Service Ltd.. (OFFI Zrt.) create. OFFI authorized to authenticate the reverse by other texts. The operating abroad Hungarian consuls also create foreign language documents as certified translation.

Source: Profession.hu

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