Foreign workers to be targeted NAV

Up to several hundred thousand forints may require working abroad Hungarians and the Hungarian tax authority (NOT), if not addressed properly by the administration.

The working abroad often just cut him to the world and the domestic authorities did not indicate, to accept a job elsewhere soon, lakcímükről and even fewer appear to. But a few months or years from now may require several hundred thousand forints them NAV, if you were not careful enough - warns the Pé The portal was then, before working abroad, we take care of what is needed, do not touch that surprises later.

As is now working within the EU does not involve a lot of administrative liability, like for example, to move to the USA or other countries overseas, so many people forget (or did not know about it), to whom and where should be about, if you leave the country. It's not only the subsequent payment of fines can save themselves, but will continue to receive full benefits at home even, you are already insured elsewhere.

If you are not an EEA member state we undertake work, you then have to walk, whether there is a bilateral arrangement host country, and what is included in. If you do not have a bilateral agreement with that country life, you have to pay social security in both countries was, If you do not have a permanent home in lakcímről. If you continue to stay logged in lakcímünkön, but we do not pay the 6810 HUF per month, so for the last five years, the tax authorities may at any time recover the shortfall us. However, it is possible, in a specific case, that the tax authorities to initiate from the social security payment discharge - said the Tax Authority.


Lots of money sent home from workers abroad

The World Bank estimates based on only from Germany 96 HUF billion to support those Hungarians were sent home last year, who have worked out. All remittances and reached the 545 appropriate amount billion forints. It is close to last year's GDP 2 percent. After Germany the most money in the USA, then he arrived in Canada.

Hundreds of thousands abroad

The problem is affecting more and more people, as more and more Hungarians working abroad. According to estimates, about 600 Hungarian thousand people worked 2013 At the end of the year in other European countries. Most people in the UK, Based on estimates by the Ministry of National Economy, embassies, under the 300 thousand. Since joining the EU about 130 work for thousands of Hungarian official tax number.

My second favorite Germany. The German statistical office of foreign nationals registry database 135 614 held Hungarian citizenship of people registered 2013 At the end of, which not only 29 percent increase over the previous year. The third most common destination Austria. According to the Austrian social security data 63 251 Hungary formally worked in the neighboring country.


Source: FN24, Pénzcentrum

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