Flange mounting course

The tubes bind soluble in many cases, flanges used in oil industry, power plants and other generating plants also.
The mounting flange course of OLF-118 (OLF: Oil Industry Association) maintained according to instructions, EN 1092 and 1591 (European Standards) using.

Course Duration: 2 day (18 theoretical lessons)
Class has been theoretical, Practical training is not included.

Training venue: Budapest, IX. kerület Gát utca 27.
(when properly placed in the form of staff training is available throughout the country)

The courses can start a weekend and weekday school days too.

Cost of training: 50.000 Ft (In case of registration action 31 March: only 40.000 Ft)
Exam Fee: 15.000 Ft

On completion of the training certificate passed several languages.


  • Karimák anyaga, Types, Parts, Dimensions, pressure classes
  • Types of Seals, cross-section shape, Materials, Replacement, Installation
  • Types of Screws, shape, material, Symbols for different types, Washers
  • Karima disassembly, means
  • Control, revision
  • Mounting, bolting and its assets
  • Follow-up investigations, principles to minimize errors
  • Health and safety regulations
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