EFOP: Human Resources Development Operational Programme

This is a document, which generates all the Hungarian education development path for the next eight years. In other words, two government term educational development scope.

No we get to a detailed evaluation of the document, only give a sketch, what areas you want to develop the program. A detailed evaluation, opinion on the side of OktpolCafé You can read and who is involved in or interested in the topic, it is strongly encouraged.

The content of EFOP: actions, and sub-operations

19. measure: The quality of education, providing access to education and training, Reducing early school leaving

1. Reducing early school leaving, Increasing the level of education, improve educational opportunities for the leading role of the public system
a) reducing the share of early school leaving.
b) promotion of inclusive education
c) Professional support of the national education and training

2. The teacher's career and continuing professional development of teachers
a) teacher training to continue to adapt the public educational system and renewable needs of society
b) ensure the continuous professional development of teachers

3. Content, methodological developments
a) raising the level of students' knowledge and attitudes, Development
b) requirements on the new curriculum, content regulation in accordance with the continuous development of methodological culture of teachers
c) corresponding to the new curriculum and content regulators to develop teaching materials, Introduction, Dissemination
d) pedagogical creativity and innovation, as well as the ability to support all levels of public education

4. The public education sector governance and institutional development to improve access to educational access and reduce inequalities
a) through evidence-based policy and practice sustainable, develop cost-effective education and public sector management
b) overall standard of education in public sector management, development of quality evaluation system
c) increase and standardize the quality of educational services to professional services and pedagogical services by

20. measure: The education and ensuring access to education through non-formal and informal learning forms

1. Reducing early school competence- and personality development programs
2. Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of public education in non-formal and informal learning occasions
3. In order to enhance the development of basic competences for lifelong learning participation of non-formal and informal learning tools (eg. Validation, e-learning)

Peter Rado education policy analyst opinion about EFOP In summary: “John has long been talking about Setényi, Since joining the EU that Hungary was the development of public policy alternative education: public policy objectives of the government were, but these are not implementations of, implementation of alternative development projects but wanted to put into practice. After browsing through EFOP seem to change the situation. In terms of the overall objective of the proposed developments see two sample mixing of inorganic.

  • One set of measures concerning public education EFOP alibi development, the government's worldview perfectly outsider, enforcement of the EU education policy goals, however, central to the priorities. Examples of such sub-developments alibi for the inclusion of SEN or reduce early school leaving. However, we must see, the sense that communication alibi developments may serve well the system conversion. because the system is formulated based on the law in relation to the number of dropouts, early school leaving, selectivity and segregation of Roma pupils amp nature. Alibi for the development of these effects decrease the EFOP easily caught in the wind of the sails of critics. (It is not incidental, that, contrary to appearances, followed by the EU-inducing communications serve well those measures.)
  • A second series of developments directly serve the goals of the major system conversion. These include the nationalized educational system capabilities for service, the balanced development of textbooks, or improvements to the centralized bureaucratic management system running-. The "system" seems to fit a lot of development element, a number of different operations scattered huge training buffer is, which will be prone to specific development goals are not related to the "free money as" To. “

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