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Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?

Genetika szerepe a tanulásban

One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, how his education and environment to learn what the person. Of course, the result has much discussion in professional circles.

Robert Plomin professzor, head of a research 250 -page paper detailing their results. Accordingly, research 11 thousand one- and dizygotic, 16 Annual twins study examined the results of. The researchers compared the génállományukon hundred percent of twins sharing the test results with those of their, who have the same ratio 50 percent was. It was found, that some differences 58 percent of the genes responsible for, while the environmental impact only 29 percent were given to. It is also interesting, that seems to have inherited the best qualities scientific for objects displayed (as biológiánál, in physics and the kémiánál), least in the case of human subjects (as with art) –, former, 58, the latter 42 weight percent.

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