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The list of skills shortages – Learn what profession


A 2014 According to first-quarter data, more and more number of online job ads that do not require a degree. Thousands of jobs are plentiful, looking for manual work – written.

The Hungarian Employers cause more than a third of difficulty, to find suitable workers. According to the most difficult to correct skilled workers toborzása – turned out the most recent Manpower survey of Talent.

The same conclusion is reached by the National Employment Agency (St.) HCCI and the Economy- and Enterprise Research Institute study also: companies could only hire skilled manual workers. The most basic- and intellectual jobs requiring secondary education been able to fill. Also showed: the larger a company, more difficult to find experts.

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Labour Market Survey 2013

Munkaerőpiac 2013

Among employers is still uncertainty

Hungarian employers uncertain situation in the labor market, see 2013 As regards the front. The national average of 9% of employers are planning a recruitment, 11%-the dismissal.

Regional breakdown of Central Hungary and Northern Great Plains employers are more optimistic, think small recruitment is expected in the next period.

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