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Applications for disadvantaged groups: TÁMOP-5.3.8

Hátrányos helyzetűek képzési támogatása

Contest for the most disadvantaged groups: motivation in order to increase labor market opportunities, training and support services - for employers.

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CV 50 over year – 10 Useful Tips

50 év felett önéletrajz

Towards the retirement age is unfortunately a growing disadvantage in the labor market, the high. So if 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply in writing your resume and cover letter.

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Youth Employment Initiative

EU fiatalok foglalkoztatása

The economic crisis has hit young people: unemployment rate is twice that of adults, 2013 January 23,6% was. Currently in the EU 7,5 million 15-24 year-old belongs to the so-called. NEET category, education that is not, not receive any training nor employment.

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Labour Market Survey 2013

Munkaerőpiac 2013

Among employers is still uncertainty

Hungarian employers uncertain situation in the labor market, see 2013 As regards the front. The national average of 9% of employers are planning a recruitment, 11%-the dismissal.

Regional breakdown of Central Hungary and Northern Great Plains employers are more optimistic, think small recruitment is expected in the next period.

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