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Pipe fitter jobs according to the description FEOR

Csőszerelő szakma

In this article we will look at, that Hungarian FEOR (Uniform Classification of Occupations) based on the codes deal as a pipe fitter. The data is taken from the PES to, not complete the job formulations for the time being, but as soon as there are new information, continuously expanded description.

  • Piping Plumber (FEOR: 5371)
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Flange mounting course

Karima szerelő

The tubes bind soluble in many cases, flanges used in oil industry, power plants and other generating plants also.
The mounting flange course of OLF-118 (OLF: Oil Industry Association) maintained according to instructions, EN 1092 and 1591 (European Standards) using.

Course Duration: 2 day (18 theoretical lessons)
Class has been theoretical, Practical training is not included.

Training venue: Budapest, IX. kerület Gát utca 27.
(when properly placed in the form of staff training is available throughout the country)

The courses can start a weekend and weekday school days too.

Cost of training: 50.000 Ft (In case of registration action 31 March: only 40.000 Ft)
Exam Fee: 15.000 Ft

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The South Stream will be built soon

Déli Áramlat

A South Stream a proposed pipeline, amely the Fekete-tenger alatt szállít majd orosz földgázt Bulgarian keresztül Délkelet-Európába . The European Union's Nabucco project competitor. A projektet 2007. Junius 23 is jelentették eBay , amikor az olasz energiacég Eni vezérigazgatója es az orosz energiacég Gazprom alelnöke egyetértési nyilatkozatot írtak ALA's délen futó csővezetékrendszer megépítéséről .

A vezeték 900 kilométeren keresztül the Fekete-tenger alatti Fut majd ES's bulgáriai Várnába érkezik . Keresztülhaladna az ukrán ES Román's kontinentális talapzaton . This section of the South Stream AG, Gazprom and Eni joint venture would build and operating the.
Várnából the délnyugati AG Görögországon ES yellow-del-tengeren keresztül Olaszországba tartana . Az AG északnyugati Szerbián ES Hungary on keresztül az ausztriai Baumgarten gáztárolóiig futna . Egy másik lehetőség , hogy az északnyugati AG Szlovénian keresztül Észak-Olaszországba tarthatna . Lehetséges , hogy quests AG bosznia-hercegovina Ploèe kikötőbe , illetve the horvát Fiumébe Fut ES EZ utóbbi az olasz Triesztben ER véget . Folytak tárgyalások arról is , hogy's Deli Áramlatot bekössék the Wingas haidachi gáztározójába , Central Europe is the second largest reservoir.

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Coated electrode manual welding course

ivhegeszto csohegeszto

Among the coated electrode manual welding is one of the oldest and most versatile of the many welding processes. The welding arc is created between the end of the coated workpiece and fémelektróda. The molten metal droplets from the electrode to the welding arc to obtain the melt, while the harmful effects of air from the coating gases protect. A variety of different electrode produced, which often contain alloying the weld durability, In order to enhance the strength and plasticity.

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Isometric pipe fitter training course

Izometriás csőszerelő tanfolyam - szerelvények

Isometric pipe fitter is abroad (eg. Netherlands, Germany, Austria) well demanded profession. The training can help you to learn the installation of pipe systems of variable materials and sizes including the isometric technique (axonometric, 3 dimensional projection) read and interpret mechanical engineering, drawings. We work with actual drawings at the training (on the basis of present and past plans of power plants built abroad ), we focus at the education on technology and installation tasks of pipe fitting.

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