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England get to work? So write a CV!

Önéletrajz készítés Angliában

If you are applying for England job, not enough to translate the Hungarian CV.

Foreign labor is particularly important, to be appropriate to the specific nature of the country's autobiographical. If this is not observed, then we risk, due to formal reasons in the first round sidelined us. In case of Hungary, the UK competition resume normal number of points should be amended.

Lo 10 rule, the island country to apply successfully:

1. Do not attach your photo to the CV

While at home more expectations, Great Britain is detrimental, if someone attach the photo to your resume – call your attention to Andras Barath resume expert. The reason for this is also, that the UK is much stronger in the Anglo-Saxon countries, manifesting anti-discrimination – he added.

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CV 50 over year – 10 Useful Tips

50 év felett önéletrajz

Towards the retirement age is unfortunately a growing disadvantage in the labor market, the high. So if 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply in writing your resume and cover letter.

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Want to go abroad for work? Helpful Hints!

Külföldi munkavállaláshoz tanácsok

More and more Hungarian want to Germany, Austria, England, Netherlands to work, which is not surprising, since it is usually three to four times as much work can be similar to the west, education, hours of work experience and earn money. The working conditions, the predictability and other factors, it is just icing on the cake.

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Job search bloopers


One-third of the applications submitted to jobs instantly fail a trivia, due to inattention, which with a little care and learning would be very easy to avoid. In addition to the technical content have to pay attention to the look of your resume submitted, a fotóra, the name of the documents.

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