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Database (MS Access) course

Access adatbáziskezelő tanfolyam

Database has been used in almost every company, since the orders, customers, organize supplies and other essential data on a standardized form, at any time be able to access the detailed data of the statements or just a record of interest here.

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Development of Key Competences

Kulcskompetecia tanfolyam - kocka

Key Competency Development akkrediált training program using a basic skills are developed, are now largely indispensable in the work. Typically, companies have developed training, but will also work for those wishing to take extremely useful.

The course consists of several modules, can be combined, so 20-460 hour training can be set up. Contest (eg. TÁMOP 2.1.3) Training support has been the use of ideal, as a training program accredited. This procedure is the implementation of training experience, Such training is ongoing.

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