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Finnországban eltörlik a tantárgyakat

finn oktatási reform iskola

Új reformot készülnek bevezetni Finnországban: át szeretnének térni a téma-alapú oktatásra a tantárgyak mellőzésével. Finnország egyébként is legendásan teljesít oktatásügyileg, jól szervezett oktatási rendszere van és rendre jól teljesítenek a diákok a nemzetközi kompetenciateszteken.

A mostani reform célja, hogy a diákokat a munkaerőpiacra készítse fel, olyan kompetenciák elsajátítása a cél, amit egy munkahelyen hatékonyan tudnak majd hasznosítani. A módszert egyébként már két éve elkezdték bevezetni, vagyis léteznek már tematikák, például az Európai Unióval foglalkozó kurzus, melynek keretein belül földrajzot, történelmet, közgazdaságtant és nyelveket is tanulnak a diákok. Van másrészt turisztikai-üzleti téma is, ahol matematikát, kommunikációs készségeket is elsajátítanak a tanulók.

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Shortage of labor in the EU

migráció EU

Companies in the EU countries, 40% reported, it is difficult to find workers with the right skills, Since the economy is narrowing years. One reason for this, that society is gradually aging in the EU.

The EU can respond to this in several ways – that is, does that mean that the future is less a problem for companies:

  • reducing the gender gap in the economic sphere
  • the involvement of the young and old working-age population in the labor market
  • Support for migration and mobility is also key to the solution trained.

The EU sees most of all, the key to solving migration, such as skills shortages and skills mismatch disorders to overcome the EU OECD report in the next three, complementary formulates recommendations:

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“We'll be, has 25 leszek”

Hátrányos helyzetű gyermekek oktatása

AmCham Foundation invites applications from national institutions dealing with disadvantaged children. The Foundation in 2014 to support children's institutions, and helps them, in carrying out their plans.

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Foreign workers to be targeted NAV


Up to several hundred thousand forints may require working abroad Hungarians and the Hungarian tax authority (NOT), if not addressed properly by the administration.

The working abroad often just cut him to the world and the domestic authorities did not indicate, to accept a job elsewhere soon, lakcímükről and even fewer appear to. But a few months or years from now may require several hundred thousand forints them NAV, if you were not careful enough - warns the Pé The portal was then, before working abroad, we take care of what is needed, do not touch that surprises later.

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The list of skills shortages – Learn what profession


A 2014 According to first-quarter data, more and more number of online job ads that do not require a degree. Thousands of jobs are plentiful, looking for manual work – written.

The Hungarian Employers cause more than a third of difficulty, to find suitable workers. According to the most difficult to correct skilled workers toborzása – turned out the most recent Manpower survey of Talent.

The same conclusion is reached by the National Employment Agency (St.) HCCI and the Economy- and Enterprise Research Institute study also: companies could only hire skilled manual workers. The most basic- and intellectual jobs requiring secondary education been able to fill. Also showed: the larger a company, more difficult to find experts.

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Isometry taking application


Isometric or better known as English isometric. This is called an isometry maker application, iOS-powered devices which can be used (eg. iPhone). And what can be used? Isometric drawings can be made with. Instead of words is much easier, if we look at, how:

This type of representation is suitable for, space to accommodate positioning things easier, interpret. However, because actually 2 dimensions depicted here, some hanky-panky happen:

Izometria trükk

Izometria trükk 2

And then let's some funny or artistic picture effects, which made use of isometrics!

Izometria kocka

izometria virágok

izometria zöld

izometria háromszög

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Pipe fitter jobs according to the description FEOR

Csőszerelő szakma

In this article we will look at, that Hungarian FEOR (Uniform Classification of Occupations) based on the codes deal as a pipe fitter. The data is taken from the PES to, not complete the job formulations for the time being, but as soon as there are new information, continuously expanded description.

  • Piping Plumber (FEOR: 5371)
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Flange mounting course

Karima szerelő

The tubes bind soluble in many cases, flanges used in oil industry, power plants and other generating plants also.
The mounting flange course of OLF-118 (OLF: Oil Industry Association) maintained according to instructions, EN 1092 and 1591 (European Standards) using.

Course Duration: 2 day (18 theoretical lessons)
Class has been theoretical, Practical training is not included.

Training venue: Budapest, IX. kerület Gát utca 27.
(when properly placed in the form of staff training is available throughout the country)

The courses can start a weekend and weekday school days too.

Cost of training: 50.000 Ft (In case of registration action 31 March: only 40.000 Ft)
Exam Fee: 15.000 Ft

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Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?

Genetika szerepe a tanulásban

One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, how his education and environment to learn what the person. Of course, the result has much discussion in professional circles.

Robert Plomin professzor, head of a research 250 -page paper detailing their results. Accordingly, research 11 thousand one- and dizygotic, 16 Annual twins study examined the results of. The researchers compared the génállományukon hundred percent of twins sharing the test results with those of their, who have the same ratio 50 percent was. It was found, that some differences 58 percent of the genes responsible for, while the environmental impact only 29 percent were given to. It is also interesting, that seems to have inherited the best qualities scientific for objects displayed (as biológiánál, in physics and the kémiánál), least in the case of human subjects (as with art) –, former, 58, the latter 42 weight percent.

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The South Stream will be built soon

Déli Áramlat

A South Stream a proposed pipeline, amely the Fekete-tenger alatt szállít majd orosz földgázt Bulgarian keresztül Délkelet-Európába . The European Union's Nabucco project competitor. A projektet 2007. Junius 23 is jelentették eBay , amikor az olasz energiacég Eni vezérigazgatója es az orosz energiacég Gazprom alelnöke egyetértési nyilatkozatot írtak ALA's délen futó csővezetékrendszer megépítéséről .

A vezeték 900 kilométeren keresztül the Fekete-tenger alatti Fut majd ES's bulgáriai Várnába érkezik . Keresztülhaladna az ukrán ES Román's kontinentális talapzaton . This section of the South Stream AG, Gazprom and Eni joint venture would build and operating the.
Várnából the délnyugati AG Görögországon ES yellow-del-tengeren keresztül Olaszországba tartana . Az AG északnyugati Szerbián ES Hungary on keresztül az ausztriai Baumgarten gáztárolóiig futna . Egy másik lehetőség , hogy az északnyugati AG Szlovénian keresztül Észak-Olaszországba tarthatna . Lehetséges , hogy quests AG bosznia-hercegovina Ploèe kikötőbe , illetve the horvát Fiumébe Fut ES EZ utóbbi az olasz Triesztben ER véget . Folytak tárgyalások arról is , hogy's Deli Áramlatot bekössék the Wingas haidachi gáztározójába , Central Europe is the second largest reservoir.

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England get to work? So write a CV!

Önéletrajz készítés Angliában

If you are applying for England job, not enough to translate the Hungarian CV.

Foreign labor is particularly important, to be appropriate to the specific nature of the country's autobiographical. If this is not observed, then we risk, due to formal reasons in the first round sidelined us. In case of Hungary, the UK competition resume normal number of points should be amended.

Lo 10 rule, the island country to apply successfully:

1. Do not attach your photo to the CV

While at home more expectations, Great Britain is detrimental, if someone attach the photo to your resume – call your attention to Andras Barath resume expert. The reason for this is also, that the UK is much stronger in the Anglo-Saxon countries, manifesting anti-discrimination – he added.

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Applications for disadvantaged groups: TÁMOP-5.3.8

Hátrányos helyzetűek képzési támogatása

Contest for the most disadvantaged groups: motivation in order to increase labor market opportunities, training and support services - for employers.

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CV 50 over year – 10 Useful Tips

50 év felett önéletrajz

Towards the retirement age is unfortunately a growing disadvantage in the labor market, the high. So if 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply in writing your resume and cover letter.

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EFOP: Human Resources Development Operational Programme

Emberi Erőforrás Fejlesztési Operatív Program

This is a document, which generates all the Hungarian education development path for the next eight years. In other words, two government term educational development scope.

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Want to go abroad for work? Helpful Hints!

Külföldi munkavállaláshoz tanácsok

More and more Hungarian want to Germany, Austria, England, Netherlands to work, which is not surprising, since it is usually three to four times as much work can be similar to the west, education, hours of work experience and earn money. The working conditions, the predictability and other factors, it is just icing on the cake.

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