CV 50 over year – 10 Useful Tips

Towards the retirement age is unfortunately a growing disadvantage in the labor market, the high. So if 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply in writing your resume and cover letter.

Employers are more expensive, the application of older job seekers, In addition to the prejudices they live, the knowledge that is out of date, not sensitive to changes, harder to deal with today's advanced computer technology and an aversion to.

If older job seekers few little tricks deployed when compiling your CV, you can avoid it, that “too old” stamped by them, the employer. May clear the text, they are moving with the times, Pros, the outstanding skills and knowledge up to date.

10 tips for older job seekers CV:

1. Under previous jobs you mention

The CV is enough to last the 15 years worth of work places list. The earlier work experience probably does not matter, because a lot of time, worn and the knowledge, developed the industry.

2. Only those degrees are described, required for the job applied for

If someone has multiple, unrelated degrees in (years and has worked in all areas), but the only one relevant to the job applied for profession, you can only enter into the relevant experience. This year were also “can be obtained”.

3. Leave out the dates

Do not enter into the autobiographical, when you graduated from high school or university. Only the skilled and the institution, or workplaces, and pozíciót, the key tasks included in the CV.

4. Carefully list the experience

If there is too much we will start, then the employer is older than the real korunknál think of us.

5. Always make your CV for the position

Take the time to, that targeted, tailored to write the text of your resume. Pay attention to your ad text, and always mention the position applied for matching experience.

6. Do not build up a chronological resume

Past performance is a list of, the ability, description of our skills to put together a CV. Based on the list according to the date of the HR immediately find out the age of our.

7. Emphasize the skills

Prove, we're good friends with the advanced technologies, know the latest programs, and are also capable of, we learn that in the future the use of even more advanced tools.

8. Express yourself in social media

If your resume in our example, We present to LinkedIn, to show, that is not alien to us in social media.

9. The CV is a youthful appearance

Not only the content, serving the matter but also. If you are gray and old-fashioned CV, you may think of us, such that we are.

10. We use the Internet feel free to

CVs by e-mail today asking employers, or to replenish the company's website. If you are unsure of the job search, well to attach attachments, or e-mail the correct appearance, you can send yourself a copy of it, before it is sent to the employer.

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