Recording, typewriting course

Nowadays almost every computer-related work is essential for fast and accurate typing. Developed countries lead on line typing instruction in public education, since it is becoming more important, as handwriting. The machine literacy is no longer a competitive advantage, but at a competitive disadvantage in, who does not. So It's time to start learning as early as possible!

Course will aim:

  • learn typing (10 -finger braille)
  • facilitate administrative work
  • office work to prepare
  • to use current knowledge and we want to offer

What we teach?

  • typing, namely 10 -finger braille, the fast data recording does not cause a problem, typing on the keyboard do not have to watch during
  • Presentation of simple office programs
  • useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows, The use of MS Office and browsers
  • photocopying, printing, scanning
  • official correspondence
  • electronic administration (eg. clients, e-banking, electronic form-filling)
  • At the end of course the Internet job search techniques we teach 1 hours

Course length: 45 hour group training

A fenti 45 supplemented hour (to recommend Hybrid forms of education our):

  • Home Learning (to assist you in the training group: with, how and where to exercise)
  • Tutorials: 2.000 Ft / per hour
  • Without the possibility of practicing Classroom Instructor: 500 Ft / per hour (it is recommended, If your computer is not at home, disturbed children, You can not watch at home etc for some reason)

Course price exam: 49.000 Ft

This course is not accredited and non-accredited, of course, be included in the event of further training in this regard.
Professional certificate is issued after the exam syllabus, so useful for further studies, and work is also essential.

Course location: Budapest – IX. district, Dam street 27.
Outsourced training as we can keep the course, on laptops, projector, table, we can provide the training period for an additional fee.

Training schedule: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday 16.00-19.00 (this position can be changed in a case, if each participant according to the new times)

* The course can only be initiated if properly staff, this important, the intention to obtain application – Please find the menu to fill in an application form or visit our office in person.

If the administrator, administrators, office assistant, recorders looking for a job, here are some helpful link:

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