Popularity of the Europass documents

More than 7 000 Europass Mobility set up the National Agency for the past 7 year. This document is filled with the internship abroad, verify field trip or volunteer work for, and a great help for the home location.

As a member of the family Europass documents are available in case of meeting the quality requirements of Mobility for specified programs, such as the European Commission's Erasmus, Leonardo, Comenius Grundtvig vagy programjai. As used throughout Europe in the Mobility, provide clear in other countries, what skills we have, specifically, what have we learned and what level, and how work processes are connected to the mobility.

According to the 2011 statistics show that most of the claimants Mobility 25 years and under age group are out, who up 4 They spent a week in an EU country. The location of the practice in most cases in Germany, followed by Great Britain and France on the list. Graphs of mobility carnet can be downloaded here.

In our country, the rest of the Europass portfolio is popular. The single European CV example 244 thousands of people have spent a year in Hungarian, with Hungary is the fourth highest in Europe, where the Europass CV has reached a number of respondents 18 million.

Document family consists of five elements, these in more detail our article on Europass You can read. Help educational institutions and employers to more readily interpret diplomas from European countries, certificates and qualifications, such as Europass CV, language passport, diploma supplement, certificate supplement and Mobility major role in the professional experience both at home and abroad to show off.

The new website of the National Europass Centre students, job seekers and employers alike can find useful information about the usability of documents. From October, the career counselor also helps orientation, who each week a different topic provides practical advice to readers.

Source: Tempus Public Foundation
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