Logistics officer course

The logistics office assistant performs administrative tasks, liaises with customers, partners, assists in the ordering, purchasing and sales activities to perform.

Responsibilities include the logistics department follow-up processes related to the delivery, Administration, delivery to ensure continuity and accuracy, Fixing ordering and delivery processes, Order / delivery needs prioritization, related databases, liaison with partner departments concerned (distribution center, production, finance), ensure the smooth flow of information, Running the internal and external reports.

Finnországban eltörlik a tantárgyakatÚj reformot készülnek bevezetni Finnországban: át szeretnének térni a téma-alapú oktatásra a tantárgyak mellőzésével.

admin, April 5, 2015

Shortage of labor in the EU Companies in the EU countries, 40% reported, it is difficult to find workers with the right skills, Since the economy is narrowing years.

admin, January 29, 2015

"We'll be, has 25 leszek" AmCham Foundation invites applications from national institutions dealing with disadvantaged children.

admin, June 24, 2014

Foreign workers to be targeted NAVUp to several hundred thousand forints may require working abroad Hungarians and the Hungarian tax authority (NOT), if not addressed properly by the administration.

admin, June 4, 2014

The list of skills shortages - Learn what professionA Profession.hu 2014 According to first-quarter data, more and more number of online job ads that do not require a degree. Thousands of jobs are plentiful, looking for manual work - written.

admin, May 23, 2014

Isometry taking applicationOr better known as isometric isometric English. This is called an isometry maker application, iOS-powered devices which can be used (eg. iPhone). And what can be used? Isometric drawings can be made with.

admin, April 14, 2014

Pipe fitter jobs according to the description FEORIn this article we will look at, that Hungarian FEOR (Uniform Classification of Occupations) based on the codes deal as a pipe fitter.

admin, February 8, 2014

Flange mounting courseThe tubes bind soluble in many cases, flanges used in oil industry, power plants and other generating plants also.

admin, February 7, 2014

Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, that education and environment to learn what kind of person you.

admin, December 14, 2013

The South Stream will be built soon South Stream is a proposed pipeline, which would transport Russian natural gas via Bulgaria to Eastern Europe under the Black Sea. The European Union's Nabucco project competitor.

admin, December 6, 2013

England get to work? So write a CV!Foreign labor is particularly important, to be appropriate to the specific nature of the country's autobiographical. If this is not observed, then we risk, due to formal reasons in the first round sidelined us.

admin, November 20, 2013

Applications for disadvantaged groups: TÁMOP-5.3.8Contest for the most disadvantaged groups: motivation in order to increase labor market opportunities, training and support services - for employers. Deadline: 2013.11.

admin, November 5, 2013

CV 50 over year - 10 Useful TipsHas 50 At the age we are forced to look for work, some minor tricks you should apply your resume and writing and cover letter in the job search.

admin, November 4, 2013

EFOP: Human Resources Development Operational ProgrammeThis is a document, which generates all the Hungarian education development path for the next eight years. In other words, two government term educational development scope.

admin, November 2, 2013

Want to go abroad for work? Helpful Hints!More and more Hungarian want to Germany, Austria, England, Netherlands to work, which is not surprising, since it is usually three to four times as much work can be similar to the west, education, hours of work experience and earn ...

admin, November 1, 2013

Youth Employment InitiativeThe economic crisis has hit young people: unemployment rate is twice that of adults, 2013 January 23,6% was. Currently in the EU 7,5 million 15-24 year-old belongs to the so-called.

admin, October 3, 2013

Quotes about education"In the world, everyone has to believe in, to be able to offer something, without which the world would not receive.

admin, September 11, 2013

List of accredited courses 2013. September 1The accredited training 2013. changed with effect from 1 September, a 150/2012.

admin, September 9, 2013

Labour Market Survey 2013What will I be, when I grow up? Labour Market Trends in 2013 and help career choice ...

admin, May 8, 2013

Logistics officer courseThe logistics office assistant performs administrative tasks, liaises with customers, partners, assists in the ordering, purchasing and sales activities to perform.

admin, April 18, 2013

The logistics specialists in both Hungary, sought both abroad. In Hungary, many companies are focusing specifically on logistics: …, and in addition to all major commercial units have logistics department.

During the training, acquire a knowledge of the materials handling and logistics beyond economic, corporate, and marketing skills as well. Tanfolyamunkkal a qualification can be acquired, When all that success in a labor market, and help in achieving a competitive salary.


Training venue: Budapest

Course length: 140 hours

Needed school qualification: graduation

Training Topics:

  • Economic studies
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Legal knowledge
  • Knowledge of wares
  • Materials Handling skills
  • Logistics knowledge
  • Corporate management
  • Marketing

Course fee: 160.000 Ft

We provide the training material at the course, no separate books, Notes to the exams.


  • Practical and written, oral examination
  • Exam Fee: 20.000 Ft


Sign up személyesen Budapesten a Gát utca 27. (Ferencvaros) or on the Internet Application Form (please fill it)!
PDF, printable application form click here to download!

Expected start of the next course: depending on the number

At the end of a short course on demand job search guidance and counseling available, up foreign employment tips and experiences.
(Where to look for job, specific companies, administrators who are looking for logistics, vacancies. Create a CV, Translations. Job Interview, How to go, what to say and what not to, etc)

If you already have a logistic, logistics or logistics assistant manager qualifications, and looking for a job, You may want to following vacancies browse, if you manage to come by a good option.


Logistics Administrator Újszentiván Bovie Trading Ltd..
Logistics Administrator Eger Schoen Sandt Hungary Kft.
Logistics Administrator (sales clerk) Godollo HB Engineering Bureau Ltd..
Logistics Administrator Kiskunlacháza Euro Garden Hungary Kft.
Logistics Administrator Pest Apart Management Consulting Ltd.


Some companies, Head Hunters can expect to locate, administrators who are looking for qualified logistics, we also sell on our website a link to a specific job offer can be accommodated – if the real reason why, Job is live.

External firms, We can offer tailor-made training.

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