Isometric pipe fitter training course

Isometric pipe fitter is abroad (eg. Netherlands, Germany, Austria) well demanded profession. The training can help you to learn the installation of pipe systems of variable materials and sizes including the isometric technique (axonometric, 3 dimensional projection) read and interpret mechanical engineering, drawings. We work with actual drawings at the training (on the basis of present and past plans of power plants built abroad ), we focus at the education on technology and installation tasks of pipe fitting.

Isometric piping installation course will the National Institute of Vocational and Adult Education, so well accepted abroad.

Training venue: Budapest (Miskolc 4 The main event of course we can start co-occur)Izometriás csőszerelő tanfolyam - szerelvények
Course length: 70 theoretical + 30 practical lessons
Needed school qualification: 8 years of elementary school

Training Topics:

  • Structural parts of the building, Earthworks
  • Assembly masonry in building
  • Small equipment used in the field of building services
  • Machinery and equipment for security systems
  • Pipeline properties, steel tubes
  • Applied Materials
  • Pipe fittings, Joints
  • Segment Bends, Making penetrations
  • The concept of isometry, plan reading
  • Preparation of isometric drawings
  • Pipe Length Calculations, shortening
  • Steel (eg. Carbon steel), copper, Installation of plastic pipe
  • Network installation of pipe fittings, Troubleshooting
  • Welding Basics: coated electrodes, AWI / TIG, Gas welding technologies
  • Welding Basics practice (These methods): heftelés, Welding of structural materials, Pipe Welding
  • Target: from isometric piping construction plan, Preparing for a qualified welder
  • Novelty: Armaflex pipe insulation type (introductory level a few hours of theoretical instruction)

Course fee: 160.000 Ft

We provide the training material at the course, no separate books, Notes to the exams.


  • Multilingual professional certificate
  • English, German “inset”, also available in Dutch
  • Exam Fee: 30.000 Ft

Why is it good to have a certificate of the successful completion of the course?
Because if you're thinking long-term, it is conceivable, that you find a well-paying job even in Hungary, or abroad, where they are going to be ask for some kind of paper végzettségedről. If you have one of these, on the one hand you're gonna get the job, on the other hand it means a larger salary. We definitely recommend, as either 1-2 the investment pays off in one/two months.

Sign up személyesen Budapesten a Gát utca 27. (IX. district) or on the Internet Application Form (please fill it)!

PDF, printable application form click here to download!

Expected start of the next course (depending on the number):

2016. end of February (Budapest)
Flexible distance learning programs to start.

Payment schedule: 10.000 Learn advance, 90.000 Learn the first time, 90.000 Learn the course half way.

At the end of a short course on demand job search guidance and counseling available, up foreign employment tips and experiences.
(Where to look for job, specific companies, who are used to look for pipe fitters, vacancies. Create a CV, Translations. Job Interview, How to go, what to say and what not to, etc)

If you already have a pipe fitter, isometric pipe fitter, welder qualification, and looking for a job, You may want to following vacancies browse, if you manage to come by a good option.

Pipe fitter, welding jobs Netherlands Euromunka Kft
Isometric piping mounting position Netherlands EMTES Kft
Welders, pipe fitters Gyor HVAC Ltd..
Pipe fitter, locksmith, TIG welding position Kazincbarcika Chemont Kft.
Pipe fitter Netherlands Eastman intermediary
Technological pipe fitter Budapest Hő-System Kft.
Locksmith jobs (cutting, drilling, welding) Klagenfurt Great Job
Locksmith, qualified welding Biatorbágy Quality Logistics Management Kft.
Pipe fitter
Pirtó RIT-POLY Kft.
Locksmiths, Welders
Austria AIS Industrieservice GmbH
Pipe fitter jobs (construction on equipment) Hungary AWI Stahl Technology Ltd..
Pipe fitter – English language skills Netherlands OTTO Workforce Hungary Kft.
Skilled worker France Acterim
PIPE fitter
Gyor prohuman

A few tips on finding a job abroad:

  • Let's look at the advertiser's company (registry, Internet)
  • Consult, whether it is necessary or SCC VCA exam (OSH)
  • It happens in many cases, that hotels can offer employer, this may be interesting to ask, if you do not have this opportunity
  • Never going to give you an opportunity, where requested in advance fees, Hotels deposit amount or any administrative costs, Unfortunately, many people take advantage of the knowledge of the country and kind of knowledge gaps
  • At the end of the month if we do not receive the promised amount, feel free to try to reconcile boss on the spot, even if you do not speak the language at a professional level, occur, that intermediaries “condenses” Some of the negotiated wage.


In addition to the above, it is important, to always look after existing regulations of the target country. May be different in many cases, employment contracts, time, legislation on the freedom of. In addition, orientation can be an important way, that given the size of the minimum annual amount, what taxes need to calculate. The Netherlands For example you can find a lot of useful information here. Germany also welcome the missing workers from abroad, this website was set up with the purpose, to facilitate the employment of foreigners.

Companies can also request to forward a, isometric pipe fitters who are trained, looking for welders, we also sell on our website a link to a specific job offer can be accommodated – if the real reason why, Job is live.

Related to the COURSE News:

- Soon begins the South Stream construction. The pipeline will transport gas from Russia to southern Europe.

- What can you do with a pipe fitter classification according to the Hungarian FEOR , what are the tasks?

6 comments on “Isometric pipe fitter training course
  1. Joseph snub says:

    I would like to résztveni azépítkezésen.
    A professional plumber.

    • admin says:

      Dear Joseph!
      We can attend courses, helper jobs intention of doing up the page, not dealing with a professional job mediation.

  2. Istvan Szabo says:

    Prices in Budapest in September course interested could get informed

  3. Stephen Micsik says:

    Are you interested in training as soon as it started when we went for two ?
    Hi Stephen

    • admin says:

      Dear Stephen!

      Budapest will be completed in mid-December in the current course, so probably 2015 next time we start training in January.
      If you have the number of Miskolc, We start around mid-January.
      I send a private answer, what are the possibilities, if urgent.

      Welcome: CORT Education

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