Want to go abroad for work? Helpful Hints!

More and more Hungarian want to Germany, Austria, England, Netherlands to work, which is not surprising, since it is usually three to four times as much work can be similar to the west, education, hours of work experience and earn money. The working conditions, the predictability and other factors, it is just icing on the cake.

However, there are some things, which shades the ideal image above.

1. There are scammers, who take advantage of, knowledge that many, experience, cut journey without friends. They are easy to recognize from, before asking for money for something that is usually, that would have been the candidate's work. Hotels used to deposit, Registration, shipping documents and other catchwords ask for money. Good, if we: if a company is looking for long-term skilled worker or someone you next to a colleague (eg. welder and pipe fitter when I used to work in pairs) it will not take such administrative charges has a problem. You also might want to suspect, if you read the ads too ideal!

2. Employment agencies
You can not ask for premium: government regulations, the private placement must register with the competent regional labor center registration, which can only take out the middleman register, if the conditions laid down in Regulation – skills, availability, bail deposit, etc.. – compliance. It, that private intermediaries to register threw herself, the National Employment Agency website has information.

It is also required by law, that the private employment of any title álláskeresőtől not ask for money. Services against the value is always paid by the employer.

3. Job Advertiser firms, theeinformálható contacts
May caution, if the advertiser has no verifiable seat, just mobile email and contact information in your ad to, and no company website. A or can, reliable agencies for each of the verifiable office address, landline phone number, 's registration and licensing of labor mediation.

4. Language Skills
We definitely recommend we used, sajátítsátok that the language of the host country at least a very basic level, that ye be not “tolmácsra” intermediary or stuck, Unfortunately, in many cases, because they can take advantage of the situation.

5. Accommodation
Advised to clarify with the employer, that provides an accommodation, what price, I draw to the wage (if yes how much will remain after the withdrawal). If it is possible, appropriate accommodation or rented housing area also gather intel, Plan B is to be and to be well aware of the prices.

6. Contract, employment rules
Not only in Hungary, but also abroad should be a written contract. There is a difference, it is not always mandatory written in the contract of employment. The countries you are traveling to work rules and absolute worth reading, eg. What is the amount of the minimum wage, unemployment benefit, is in health care, how much you have to pay taxes on wages.

7. Travel
Workers in Austria are relatively fortunate position, Netherlands but far enough and so it can only increase the cost of traveling home. It is worth looking around between low-cost airlines (WizzAir, Ryanair, easyJet, etc). Also we can come up with transfer, Frankfurt, Milan have transfer opportunities. With the shortened time, not have to drive, is tired and can not wear in the car did not explode.
Another option is, full trying to drive, this is because there are more opportunities and more and more people go abroad, We'll be sure to find a service or even a companion, who gets in the cost of the.

A couple of good advice in addition:

  • We always have so much money, to come home
  • Do not give out of our hands all our documents
  • Change to the European Health Insurance Card

A good news however, that those who learn with us / studied and reported történeteikről, underpins the high salaries, good working conditions and a couple of exceptions, managed to avoid the scam were. Many of them of course someone already went through the way, pl rokonok, friends and they were able to work opportunities, recommend accommodation, de vannak aki teljesen önerőből mentek ki és egyáltalán nem bánták meg.

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