Do not go for learning? Good for our genes?

One of the latest research on the King's College London, according to the genes play a greater role in, can learn how to effectively, compared, how his education and environment to learn what the person. Of course, the result has much discussion in professional circles.

Robert Plomin professzor, head of a research 250 -page paper detailing their results. Accordingly, research 11 thousand one- and dizygotic, 16 Annual twins study examined the results of. The researchers compared the génállományukon hundred percent of twins sharing the test results with those of their, who have the same ratio 50 percent was. It was found, that some differences 58 percent of the genes responsible for, while the environmental impact only 29 percent were given to. It is also interesting, that seems to have inherited the best qualities scientific for objects displayed (as biológiánál, in physics and the kémiánál), least in the case of human subjects (as with art) –, former, 58, the latter 42 weight percent.

In the study, the researcher specifies that, that if we accept the results, means, the weaker academic record not only for the faculty and the institutions responsible for the. "The maturity of the different results is much more due to the genetics, such as school or family environment "- read the paper. Nicholas Shakeshaft PhD-hallgató, According to one of the authors of the study, the conclusion can be drawn, that a unified education systems, as well as in England, kiütköznek better performance differences resulting from the inherited properties, as more flexible systems.

Should be aware of it and build on it

The researchers emphasize, at all Do not underestimate the importance of schools. Although differences between stronger and weaker schools so their opinion does not count, However, the very significant, to get an education for young people or not. According to them, it would be the luckiest, If everything young private endowments, personalized education would benefit, but at least everyone equally would increase the flexibility of the management system.
Dr. Claire Haworth, employee of the University of Warwick said, reflecting on the subject, in its view, should have affected the training of teachers of genetics, so teachers can better understand the future, what are the differences in the children's learning abilities.
The researchers also found it important to point out, as whole populations examined, this does not mean, For the genetics of each individual 60 percent responsible for the results obtained, but the differences between individuals 60 percent provide an explanation. "Heredity is not constant, If the environmental change, change impact study results on the genetics "- explained Professor Plomin.

Support only the gifted?

Professor Plomin in the light of the new results be declared, that there is a much closer relationship between learning and genetics, than previously thought. However, the sharp debate is not fueled up again, but Boris Johnson, Mayor of London's statement, primarily according to who should be given the resources available to the education of students with high IQs. "Whatever you think of the IQ tests, equality of opportunity as regards the relevant, that our species 16 percentage of 85 an IQ below, while 130 values ​​above 2 percentage has "- said the city's leading.
England and the United States has long been virtually taboo in this topic, as many believe, similar to the current results that some people may use to, exclusionary political views that are trying to establish. They also held many, if there is evidence that the relationship between genetics and academic performance, education has transformed, the weaker squeezed out of the system.



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