Europass is a personal document package, Europe is united, make it comparable to the skills of individuals, qualifications, language skills, professional experience.

The purpose of, to facilitate mobility within the EU, therefore helps in the recognition of different. This will facilitate access to employment and further education, and Hungary started to study abroad completion.

What Europass documents exist?

  • Europass CV
  • Diploma Supplement (diplomákhoz: BSC, MSC)
  • Certificate Supplement (currently accredited training)
  • Language Passport
  • Mobility (professional practice, In studies demonstrate the skills megszerezett)


How much is?

The certificate will add up to a minimum of 5% of the amount (2012-ben max. 4.650 Ft).
The Diploma Supplement free Hungarian language, English level of the allowance is determined by the higher education institution Rules.
Mobility is available free of charge to the Tempus Public Foundation.

How to obtain?

Az Europass CV free to be filled up online is. Samples are Europass side, you can download 22 different languages.

Diploma Supplement be required for a diploma in Hungarian, English-language institution in felőoktatási per extra charge.

Certificate Supplement the NTR exam available from organizer, in many cases, the National Labour Office. A copy of the certificate attached to the application and should be sent to Gábor Kocsis. Availability: 06-1/477-5644; e-mailen :

Language Passport issue We are performed! The website of the Vocational Language Passport Samples can also be found in several languages.

Mobility the Europass website start. For information about completing a document detailing the Guide.

Together with the above, a copy of the certificate European Skills Passport document names can be aggregated. On the one hand it is useful, they will not miss any of the candidates for the post of email – for example, because you forget to attach a copy of the certificate of accredited qualifications – secondly useful, because here we can also load the new Europass CV online. I just need to take care, that when we're done, save your document, it does not store the page!

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