Frequently asked questions about education

What is OKJ?

National Register. Government Decree training list centrally determined. In this training in an accredited training, centrally prescribed so many things related to keeping them. Called SZVK (Professional and examination requirements) are all accredited training, in this example, is defined. On the floor-share practical lessons, examination must be completed and how many more are.

What is an accredited course?

The NTR too many other courses need arises, specific, shorter or longer, deeper, more general training towards. It is possible therefore, that, as these courses “accepted”, records are held centrally controlled manner and retention, as for the accredited training. In such cases, the institution may be accredited course at the NMH, thus become similar elismertségűekké, as NTR courses.

What is the registration number of adult education?

Adult Education Act only according to the number of such institutions engage in Hungary. This number must indicate all educators (eg. website, application form, place of education). If we find a suffix, whom we do not see such a thing, feel free to ask for clarification! If there is no such number, we begin to suspect, probably the certificate issued by, certificate will not achieve much.

What free courses are available in Hungary?

Registered as unemployed NTR course you can perform up to 100% state support as well. The Labour Centres to support the training, applications are subject to individual assessment.

22. reaches a maximum age of a school-based training course accredited (OM number of institutions) also supported by the state.

In addition, there are small own contribution (5-10 thousand HUF) computer and language training EU funds, which can achieve much képzőnél. However, these more basic training, provide a digital literacy and language courses also provide a basic level of knowledge.

There are also internet available resources, where free training is available. The main objective is usually, us to collect data in order to carry out marketing activities, but there are rare exceptions, where the knowledge can be acquired compensate us. In this training we are constantly researching and if there is 1-1 exception, then informs Facebook section.

What is the Europass?

About Europass documents we wrote a special article, please read it!


2013-as changes!

Who can last accredited training?

Institutions, adult education which permit! If you have signed such a course, you can feel free to ask for the permission from the company to.

Can I get a few hours of accredited training certificate / after the Distance Learning?

NO. A minimum number of hours are defined, less number of hours can not be accredited training. Distance education is reduced to one third of the number of hours, but even a few hundred hours of classroom training must be maintained. The training timetable and be notified any time they can check ahead of sphingosine at NMH, whether education.
When there is promise, A certificate is issued to accredited distance learning, the certificate is fake.


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