Youth Employment Initiative

The economic crisis has hit young people: unemployment rate is twice that of adults, 2013 January 23,6% was. Currently in the EU 7,5 million 15-24 year-old belongs to the so-called. NEET category, education that is not, not receive any training nor employment.

In order to curb youth unemployment, the European Commission has prepared a proposal for the operational arrangements for the early implementation of the Youth Employment Initiative announced in February. The initiative of the EU total 6 sleigh billion euros for the period 2014-2020.

László Andor, EU Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion said: "Seeing, that the European Council was a major political decision and the Youth Guarantee, unprecedented support for reducing youth unemployment measures, the Commission has drawn up a concrete proposal, according to which the Member States […] can immediately begin to use the funds for this purpose. "

The Youth Employment Initiative seeks to promote live primarily in the regions directly NEET young people, where the youth unemployment rate in 2012 exceeded 25%. The initiative is focused on the labor market integration.

The budget for the initiative 2012 aims to accelerate the employment package adopted in December. With the financial resources of the Member States may take measures to finance the eligible regions, are required to implement the recommendations of the youth guarantee goals. Under the Youth Guarantee, Member States should put in place measures, to ensure, that all 25 NEET young people under the age of job loss, or within four months after the completion of learning receive an appropriate offer of employment or apprenticeships, or further education or training course.

Other national projects for the Youth Employment Initiative establishment and operation of the Youth Guarantee scheme (among other things, supported by the European Social Fund in action) complement, for example, by renewing the institutions and services concerned.

The initiative aims to, to local circumstances, taking into account individual, fast, specific and measurable results between curbing youth unemployment.

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