Izometriás csőszerelő tanfolyamIsometric pipe fitter training course
Isometric Isometric or pipe fitter abroad (eg. Netherlands, Germany, Austria) well demanded profession. The training can help you to learn the installation of pipe systems of variable materials and sizes including the isometric technique (axonometric, 3 dimensional projection) read and interpret mechanical engineering, drawings.


Ívhegesztő tanfolyam - csőhegesztőCoated electrode welding course
Among the coated electrode manual welding is one of the oldest and most versatile of the many welding processes. Most structural steel work, pipe fitting, shipbuilding and general engineering activities ferrous alloys applied.


gepiroRecording and typing course
Developed countries lead on line typing instruction in public education, since it is becoming more important, as handwriting. The machine literacy is no longer a competitive advantage, but at a competitive disadvantage in, who does not. So It's time to start learning as early as possible! Class has been short and efficient, modern and useful for the benefit of our, that the smooth and efficient operation of the business are now essential.


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