Development of Key Competences

Key Competency Development akkrediált training program using a basic skills are developed, are now largely indispensable in the work. Typically, companies have developed training, but will also work for those wishing to take extremely useful.

The course consists of several modules, can be combined, so 20-460 hour training can be set up. Contest (eg. TÁMOP 2.1.3) Training support has been the use of ideal, as a training program accredited. This procedure is the implementation of training experience, Such training is ongoing.

Modules:Kulcskompetecia tanfolyam - kocka

  • Operating Systems Basics
  • word processing at a basic level
  • more advanced text editing
  • Internet and knowledge
  • e-mail
  • presentation skills
  • spreadsheets basic level
  • advanced spreadsheets level
  • Database Management
  • CAD (AutoCAD) foundations
  • Image Editing
  • web construction
  • networking skills at a basic level
  • networking skills at an advanced level
  • electronic filing
  • management skills
  • dactylography (braille)
  • entrepreneurship and management
  • communication, correspondence


Training venue: Budapest, Miskolc and conurbations outsourced corporate training

Course price: depends on the number of modules required and the number of people trained.
For example, a 10 staff and people 100 In case clock net 150.000 Ft