Database (MS Access) course

Database has been used in almost every company, since the orders, customers, organize supplies and other essential data on a standardized form, at any time be able to access the detailed data of the statements or just a record of interest here.

Larger firms introduce more expensive and complex ERP systems (eg. SAP), with which financial, logistic, Controlling and assisting decision processes can be handled well. However, such development and customization is very costly, so often used by other database administrators (eg. Microsoft Access) As part of office suite, which are common problems can be resolved with great.

MS Access is very similar to MS Excel spreadsheet, but you should be sure to use a little deeper to see into the world of databases.

Class has been recommended length: 35 hour

Course Fee: 45.000 Ft (the course costs vary depending on the number of participants and location)

Training venue: Budapest – Dam street 27.
Outsourced training as we can keep the course, on laptops, projector, table, we can provide the training period for an additional fee.


  • Databases Basics, database design
  • Access program felülete, Create a new database
  • Create tables, Customize
  • Records, relations
  • Queries
  • Forms, Controls
  • Preparation of Reports, Format
  • Database Import, exportálás