Excel 2010 basic and advanced courses

The spreadsheet is now essential in a lot of office work knowledge. Saves a lot of administrative work, Accounting, controls, clerk, and have plenty of job. It is therefore important, to provide appropriate training for employees working in that area / further training in order to work more efficient and more accurate.

Most commonly used spreadsheet programs:

  • Microsoft Excel (There are many versions, Latest in 2007 and 2010)
  • OpenOffice CALC (better than the one above the software free of charge)

Teaching studio Excel 2010 see also offer two types of training. Also available in the form class has been accredited, such contracts won support can be used to mobilize.

1. Elementary Excel skills

Recommended number of hours: 45 hours


  • Description of screen
  • cell formatting, Formats
  • absolute – relative links
  • basic formulas / Functions
  • charts and formatting
  • complicated formulas / Functions
  • Sorting Data, Filter
  • Goal Seek

Course Fee: 50.000 Ft (the course costs vary depending on the number of participants and location)

Training venue: Budapest, IX. district – Dam street 27.
Outsourced training as we can keep the course, on laptops, projector, table, we can provide the training period for an additional fee.

2. Advanced Excel courses

Recommended number of hours: 40 hours


  • haladó diagram / graph formatting skills
  • complex functions: mathematical, statistical, Logic
  • Nesting Functions
  • matrix operations
  • Goal Seek / SOLVER csomag
  • Analysis of data
  • Statements (PIVOT tábla)
  • Subtotal
  • importálás, exportálás
  • form
  • simple macros

Course Fee: 50.000 Ft (the course costs vary depending on the number of participants and location)

Training venue: Budapest, Miskolc and conurbations site training as


It is possible educational stúdiónknál individual preparation is, typically blended learning teaching method used, i.e., the contact (teachers spent) No lessons will be individually determined their level and taking into account the student's request. Further processing of the curriculum and home made, independently. As a preparation for the great benefit of, that generally require less contact hours, take into account the often very different levels of knowledge and overall more efficient.

About individual lessons Fee:
1 In case of major: 2.900 Ft / hours / principal
2 In case of major: 2.200 Ft / hours / principal
3 In case of major: 1.600 Ft / hours / principal

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