Corporate training

If outsourced general corporate or professional training, Looking for training, Get a quote! Indicate your request, what type of training you want, to be accredited, Accredited certificate of need for the ending of the training, what site and how many hours do you imagine the particular course.

Call implemented sources also undertake training, this tender resources in You can browse.

Access adatbáziskezelő tanfolyamMS Access database management course – further training
Database has been used in almost every company, since the orders, customers, organize supplies and other essential data on a standardized form, at any time be able to access the detailed data of the statements or just a record of interest here.


Excel 2010 tanfolyam
EXCEL 2010 or 2007 spreadsheet training
The spreadsheet is now essential in a lot of office work knowledge. Saves a lot of administrative work, Accounting, controls, clerk, and a lot of job opportunities offered by Excel: Functions, Statements, Data analysis helps us, to easily and precisely handle your data.


Kulcskompetecia tanfolyam - kocka
Development of Key Competences
Key Competency Development akkrediált training program using a basic skills are developed, are now largely indispensable in the work. Typically, companies have developed training, but will also work for those wishing to take extremely useful.


gepiroRecording, typewriting course
Recording and typing course to accelerate our office work, We offer to train new workers. Class has been short and efficient, modern and useful for the benefit of our, that the smooth and efficient operation of the business are now essential.



Further our range of courses:

  • Computer training, Excel, Word
  • AutoCAD
  • Budgeting és control payment
  • Finance for non-finance
  • Call rapporteur
  • Projekt controlling
  • Database management
  • Isometric piping assembly
  • PLC programozás
  • Metrology
  • Fiber optic cable assembly
  • Production Planning
  • Logistics training for administrators
  • Firefighting course and exam
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Metallic Hygiene and health promotion
  • Sales Negotiation


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