NTR changes 2013. September

How many accredited training will be?

Approximately halved the number of qualifications available: 1300-About 632 is reduced in number.


What kind of training will be?

The new list of Find accredited training courses in. For example, there will be many trade course, generally only stay a dealer.


When does the new system?

2013. come into effect on 1 September. Those courses, which begin on August 31, are still at it under the old system.


What significant changes will be more?

Will increase the number of hours. Significantly! The current typically 200-300 Instead of hours of training 1000-1400 hours of training will be. With this 1-2 year increase in the course of time.

Another important change, that the cost of this training can increase significantly.
1-1 departure of course is much more likely to have to wait.


You can then connect to running training?

Again. Remain possible to offset prior learning.


Changes in the exam?

Again. Complex examination will be called. The new exam in September in order to present 3 instead of 4 member of the examination committee will be, which the institution will give only one person. In addition, slightly shortened the length of complex examination.


What you can do, if no accredited course or do not have enough money?

You may want to look for other courses, are not NQR sak. A little harder to find good training, but it's worth your effort. If you are an accredited training, also add a safety. Welding courses, for instance, you may want to look for a qualified tax courses, They also recognize better abroad.


Examiner can without completing course?

It always depends on the tanfolyamtól. Professional- and examination requirements described.

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