Coated electrode manual welding course

Among the coated electrode manual welding is one of the oldest and most versatile of the many welding processes. The welding arc is created between the end of the coated workpiece and fémelektróda. The molten metal droplets from the electrode to the welding arc to obtain the melt, while the harmful effects of air from the coating gases protect. A variety of different electrode produced, which often contain alloying the weld durability, In order to enhance the strength and plasticity.

The process is mostly structural steel work, shipbuilding and general engineering activities ferrous alloys applied. The repair welding and surfacing is another important use of the coated electrode for arc welding. Despite the relative slowness due elektródacserék and slag removal in case one of the most flexible methods and procedures preferred limited places available.

Training venue: Budapest, Szolnok, Miskolc

Course length: 160 hours (70% practice, 30% theory)

Needed school qualification: 8 years of elementary school

Training Topics:

  • Welding procedures, applications of fusion procedures
  • The principle of the coated electrode manual welding process, Benefits, Disadvantages
  • The weldability, alloying effect
  • The weldability of steels
  • Interpretation of welding and pipe welding plates situations
  • Types of welded joints
  • Types of welds and symbols
  • Structural design and dimensions of the coated electrode
  • Types of coated electrodes, basic, Rutile and cellulose electrodes
  • Arc Welding Equipment, structural parts, operating principles
  • Welding current characteristics, operating principle of an inverter power source
  • The preparation materials for welding
  • Mechanical and thermal methods for edge detail, Tools
  • Clean the surface to be welded, Methods flush-assertion
  • The joint gap, tack weld
  • Heat-sealing forms, means
  • Mechanical, Reading technical drawings, Interpretation
  • Knowledge of welding symbols, seamless representations
  • Use Standards, elementary calculations
  • MMA manual arc welding consumables
  • The design of the multi-layer weld, Names
  • The bonds errors, differences in detection, Examination
  • Weld Tests

Course fee: 190.000 Ft

The courses include the curriculum and the fee for the module final exams.


  • Bilingual professional certificate (included in the price)
  • Exam Fee: In case of NTR plus exam 60.000 Ft
  • Qualified exam price is cost plus
  • Undertake over the appropriate number of accredited and certified exam


Sign up személyesen Budapesten a Gát utca 27. or on the Internet Application Form (please fill it)!

At the end of the short course is free on request job search guidance and counseling available. (Where to look for job, specific job advertisements. Create a CV, Translations. Job Interview, How to go, what to say and what not to, etc)

If you already have a welding qualification or experience, and looking for a job, You may want to following vacancies browse, if you manage to come by a good option.


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Resources used: ESAB

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