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“We'll be, has 25 leszek”

Hátrányos helyzetű gyermekek oktatása

AmCham Foundation invites applications from national institutions dealing with disadvantaged children. The Foundation in 2014 to support children's institutions, and helps them, in carrying out their plans.

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Foreign workers to be targeted NAV


Up to several hundred thousand forints may require working abroad Hungarians and the Hungarian tax authority (NOT), if not addressed properly by the administration.

The working abroad often just cut him to the world and the domestic authorities did not indicate, to accept a job elsewhere soon, lakcímükről and even fewer appear to. But a few months or years from now may require several hundred thousand forints them NAV, if you were not careful enough - warns the Pé The portal was then, before working abroad, we take care of what is needed, do not touch that surprises later.

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