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Quotes about education

Oktatás idézet
  • "In the world, everyone has to believe in, to be able to offer something, without which the world would not get it.” Gilbert Keith Chesterton
    (Keywords: creation, self-confidence)
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List of accredited courses 2013. September 1

OKJ bizonyítvány

The accredited training 2013. changed with effect from 1 September, a 150/2012. Find a list of accredited courses can be started from the date of Government Regulation in Annex, which will be posted in the following tables.

The following courses are just some training institute launch (the linked courses) – if there is a corresponding number.

About 1. table lists the qualifications, a 2. Table qualifications section Find.

1. Table: Qualifications

Number of accredited training Name of qualifications / qualifications-ráépülések Period of training outside the school system The course-work order
4-34-543-1 Tire Manufacturer 960-1440 hour N, It, TK
5-55-344-1 Tax Advisor 280-420 hour T, TK
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