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NTR changes in 2012

OKJ változások 2012

The accredited training in general

The National List (NTR) Courses in general, intermediate skills they, but there are also post-secondary training, which are in higher education credit points to count towards a specific specialization in training.

Why is prevalent in our country, these types of courses? One reason, that is regulated by legislation (so-called. professional and examination requirements) many training parameters, This somewhat protects the consumer (students), to obtain a standard training. The exam is a highly regulated, organizing institution is entitled to only a few exams. (Here it should be noted, Unfortunately, the tests that sometimes too long and sometimes disproportionately heavy.)

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Support the programs of NGOs Contest

Civil szervezet pályázat

Application code: NEA-UN-12-SZ

The project aims

The project aims to education and training, capacity development, child- and youth advocacy, child- and youth protection, health, disease prevention, healing, medical rehabilitation activities, drug prevention, nature- support the programs of NGOs operating in the field of environment and.

The premium rate is fixed at

The resources available to the Ministry of Justice to ensure the expense of the chapter-managed appropriations entitled "National Cooperation Fund". The College is among the worthy projects of 190.632.000,- HUF distribute.

Entitled to submit a tender NGOs

The following organizations may submit their applications electronically in the Electronic Tender Management System and Cooperation (EPER) through:

  • association or
  • foundation, or association (not including the alliance)
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Nursery development: training, means, investment, development

Óvoda fejlesztési pályázat



Range of candidates:

  • nurseries
  • kindergartens sustaining non-profit organizations
  • kindergartens local governments

Eligible activities:

  • Trainings, Courses, Training
  • Improving the quality of institutions, Organizational Development
  • Construction and purchase of equipment
  • Supporting the implementation of the educational program for kindergarten services, organizing programs, conducting


Support available: 1 – 100 Ft millio, 100% of the development costs which may be awarded, lack of financial resources necessary. The tender eased elbírálású.

Binding commitments:
Both the four above-mentioned scope of eligible activities to choose at least 1-1 item. The first 2 case is slightly more narrowed the scope.

Applications can be administered 2012. June 1 to June 30.

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